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Size We offer three sizes 10’ (3m), 20’ (6m), and 40’ (12m)
Type Standard steel, high cube, insulated, dangerous goods store or side door
Quality New for storing stock / furniture, or Second hand on your building site
Access We normally deliver with a tilt tray truck – do you have enough space? (If in doubt, call & discuss first). Or store on our site for only an extra $7.70 per week

All of our containers are fitted with lock covers for extra security & are checked prior delivery.

The process

  • Decide on your size, type & the quality of container required.
  • Call 0429 038 882, email sales@newenglandcontainers.com.au or drop into our yard to work out delivery time & day.
  • Fill in our rental agreement - Download
  • The first invoice we ask for delivery & pick up cost as well as the first months rental. Ongoing hire will be deducted from your credit card before the due date.
  • On delivery let the driver know where you would like the container & if you would like to place any chocks under the container.

The Range

New & Used: we offer the three main sizes of containers

10’ (3m) containers

These are the smallest containers we offer – great for building sites & locations with limited space, but keep in mind it is the same size truck that delivers a 20’ container.

Standard height only
Standard steel container
External Size: 3m (long) x 2.4m (wide) x 2.6m (high)
Internal volume: 15 (m3)
Tare weight: 1300 kg

20’ (6m) containers

The 20’ container is the most common container your will see, able to store a 3 to 4 bed room home. It covers most clients’ requirements: industrial block, building site, back yard or on the farm.

Standard height & High cube (2.9m high) on offer
Standard steel / insulated / Dangerous good store / side opening / doors at both ends
External Size: 6m (long) x 2.4m (wide) x 2.6m (high)
Internal volume: 33 (m3) or 37 (m3) in the HC
Tare weight: 2250 kg to 2500 kg

40’ (12m) containers

The 40’ container is the big boy of the range – ideal for the farm or large industrial area, will hold more than most of us own. Keep in mind delivery: you will need a large area with plenty of space for a tilt tray to position.

Standard height & High cube (2.9m high) on offer
Standard steel / insulated / doors at both ends
External Size: 12m (long) x 2.4m (wide) x 2.6m (high)
Internal volume: 67 (m3) or 76 (m3) in the HC
Tare weight: 3700 kg to 4100 kg
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